Woman From Haunting Brussels Attack Photo Has Been Identified

The identity of a woman in an iconic image from the Brussels attacks that depicted her bloodied and dazed in the Brussels Airport has finally been revealed.

A photo of a woman sitting bloodied and covered in ash with a bewildered expression across her face was one of the most chilling images from the Brussels attacks. The soot-covered survivor has now been identified as an Indian flight attendant.

Nidhi Chaphekar is a 40-year-old Jet Airways flight attendant and mother from Mumbai.

Her family confirmed her identity to the Associated Press.

"We were searching through the Internet to try and get details of the blasts when we saw the pics," her brother-in-law Nilesh Chaphekar said. "The first reaction was 'she's alive. By God's grace she is alive.'"

Her yellow uniform was shredded apart by the sheer force of the explosion in Brussels Airport. Blood streamed down her face as she stared hauntingly into the camera, her countenance poignantly capturing the utter shock and horror in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

Her family is currently trying to reach Brussels despite the airport remaining closed.

The AP reports Chaphekar has burns on 15 percent of her body, a fractured foot, and has been placed in a medically-induced coma, but she is finally safe.

The powerful photo resonated with social media users across the world, quickly prompting the hashtag “Pray For Nidhi” that commended her bravery and wished her a swift recovery. 




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