Woman Gets Electrocuted While Talking On Her Cell As It’s Charging

A Malaysian woman was reportedly killed by an unexpected electrical shock as she was talking on the phone while it was plugged into its charger.

woman on cell phone

A woman has reportedly died from an electrocution that occurred while she was talking on her cell-phone as it was plugged into its charger.

Authorities said Suhana Mohmad, 30, was at her home in the Malaysian suburb of Cheras when the unexpected shock occurred, according to Mashable.

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Her husband, Raja Asri Raja Mat — who happens to be a police officer with the Malaysian Special Branch Counter-Terrorism unit — was reportedly sleeping when she was suddenly electrocuted mid telephone conversation.

He rushed her to the hospital but she was pronounced dead on arrival. There were no details provided about how Suhana alerted her husband to the shock or any information regarding the phone and wall charger she was using.

While this type of freak accident is very rare, some in the tech industry have suggested that off-brand charging accessories that are not properly certified could have resulted in the electrocution as well as knock-off batteries, Mashable reports.

Suhana’s untimely death is tragic but can be used to raise awareness about the potential dangers surrounding overcharging a device and using off-brand accessories. 

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