Woman Goes On Racist Rant Over Bag Fee: 'I Voted For Trump — So There'

A disgruntled Donald Trump supporter went on a public rant at a Michael’s store in Chicago, claiming discrimination because she voted for the president-elect.

Another week and there’s yet another Donald Trump supporter gone wild.

Jennifer Boyle, who was shopping at a Michael’s arts and crafts store in Chicago erupted into a furious outburst when she was charged $1 for a reusable bag. The angry shopper claimed that she was being discriminated against because she was white and had voted for Donald Trump. Boyle has also been recorded in a racist rant at a Peet's coffee in Chicago. 

Patch reported that another customer, Jessie Grady, started filming the incident when she overheard Boyle insulting the black employees at the store.

“I voted for Trump — so there,” the woman shouts in the video. “You want to kick me out for that? And look who won.”

Boyle saw other customers had pulled out their phones to record her rant, which according to witnesses went on for over 30 minutes, and angrily confronted Grady, whose video has since gone viral.

“I don’t know what you think you’re videoing, lady [sic],” Boyle says. “I was just discriminated against by two black women, and you being a white woman, you’re literally thinking that that’s OK … why don’t you go home to your husband who’s cheating on you.”

The clearly unhinged shopper then accuses the other woman’s 2-year-old child of stealing and then records video of the mother and child before turning her wrath back on the store’s employees.

“You’re a liar, I don’t care, because I’m a consumer,” she shouts at an employee. “I’m a customer.”

Grady launched a GoFundMe campaign to help support the employee who received the brunt of Boyle's wrath, which has earned over $30,000 in donations. But the gestures of solidarity weren't limited to donations.

Grady posted on the fundraising page, "Thank you so much for everyone's kindness and generosity, I want to reiterate that the police were called, bystanders, including myself, were actively involved and the staff handled this flawlessly. There is so much you don't see in this video. Atleast [sic] ten customers stood next to the manager and waited for the police. That is what shocked the manager and myself the most, that people actually spoke up. You had to be there to see how the people were united."

The video is the latest illustration of the sense of entitlement that many of Trump’s supporters feel they possess since his surprise victory in the presidential election on Nov. 8.

Recently, a man at a Starbucks in Miami was caught on video accusing the black employees of anti-white discrimination because he felt his order had been intentionally delayed.

It’s not surprising to hear that there are racist people out there, but what is telling is the comfort they feel in vocalizing their resentment in the aftermath of Trump’s victory.

While Trump has yet to even take office, it’s important that he addresses this issue he’s helped create with the same passion he reserves for late night television sketches and Broadway theater actors , as opposed to a perfunctory disavowal during a New York Times interview.

Today, people having public meltdowns is just obnoxious, but what’s President Trump going to do when someone does something much worse and in his name?

Banner Photo: YouTube screenshot

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