Woman Has Celebrated The Wrong Birthday For 53 Years

A 53-year-old mother of six just recently learned that she has been completely mistaken about what day of the month she was born her entire life.

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Sandra Blackman has recently discovered that she has absolutely no idea when her birthday is.

Blackman, 53, initially thought her day of birth was Nov. 10, but after seeing her birth certificate for the first time she realized it said she was born on Nov. 11.

However, another document displays her birthday as Nov. 12. So, the only thing she knows for sure is that she was born sometime during that week.

“I’m more confused than ever before but I am still going to have a good time and a great party,” Blackman said of the puzzling debacle. “The Queen has two birthdays so, why can’t I have three birthdays?”

“I think it is something that runs in the family. My mum celebrated her birthday on the wrong day for 16 years,” she added.

Blackman explained that her grandmother had several children and just got confused with the dates, but her mom eventually learned that her real birthday was almost a week later than the day she had been celebrating.

Ironically, Blackman is now facing the same situation. However, she can’t just get to the bottom of it by clarifying with her mom because she has passed away.

“I’ve only just got used to having two birthdays so I was stunned to find out I actually have three,” Blackman said.

According to Metro, Blackman has been in the dark for so long because she had never seen her birth certificate as she’s never had a passport or driver’s license. Earlier this year she needed to get a copy of it, and that’s when she got the shock of a lifetime.

Although there is humor in the ordeal, indicating the wrong birth date on official forms and documents could make for a very serious problem for Blackman, who has six children of her own.

“Everything I have, all my bank accounts and my children’s birth certificates, all say the wrong birthday on them,” she said. “And now it all needs changing and I don’t know how much it will cost to get it all sorted,” she continued. “But I am worried that I am going to be accused of fraud if I don’t sort it out.”

Hopefully Blackman gets the misunderstanding straightened out because it sure would be a shame to face fraud charges as a result of such a tangled mess. In the meantime, she’s reportedly planning three parties in celebration of all of her potential birthdays. 

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