Woman's Head Gets Stuck In NYC Subway Doors, No One Stops To Help Her

A video showing a woman's head poking out between the doors of a NYC subway has sparked outrage.

A woman got her head stuck in the doors of a New York subway train. But even more disturbing that the incident is the complete lack of empathy or action from others.

The disturbing incident captured on camera shows a middle-aged woman helplessly stuck in between the doors of the train.

As her head and handbag dangle out of the doors, a number of commuters move past her but no one stops to help the woman. A little while later, a woman wearing a Metropolitan Transportation Authority uniform also walks past her but she also doesn’t stop to help the helpless woman in the disturbing situation.

The distressed woman remained trapped while the train was parked at the station. A person in the background can be heard yelling for someone to open the doors. However, what comes as a surprise is that the woman doesn’t ask for help from people who walked past her.

It remains unclear if the she was injured or for how long she remained stuck between the doors. It's also unclear which subway station the video was filmed at.

The video instantly sparked outrage online.

A comment on the video read, “No one helped this lady. Shame on them.”

“There's a human being behind a 'camera' filming the whole thing...instead of helping this woman...Nothing should have that much control over you, to where you don't even help people,” said another.





Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Eric Thayer

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