Chinese Woman Stops High Speed Train Because Her Husband Was Late

Luo Haili’s stopped the departure of the high-speed train by blocking the cabin doors from closing with her body because her daughter and husband were late.

A Chinese woman was caught on video delaying the departure of a high-speed train bound to leave for Guangzhou in Guangdong Province. The cringe-worthy footage shows Luo Haili, blocking the cabin door’s from closing by using her body.

Her actions led her employers to fire her.

Luo was apparently trying to buy some time for her daughter and husband, who initially went to the wrong station. Her husband was stuck at the ticket turnstile, so she decided to make everyone on the train late for their destination.

"My husband is at the ticket entrance. I will move away when he comes," the obstinate woman is heard yelling at the station staffers, who were trying to pull her out of the train.

The woman, who was a teacher at a primary school in Luyang District, stood between the cabin doors for a good five minutes and kept screaming at the staffers who were only trying to do their jobs. At one point, the staff was able to pull her away from the train and onto the ground. But she got back up again and blocked the train doors.

Eventually, Luo’s daughter and husband reached the train just before it was about to leave. But the video went viral on Chinese social media with users slamming the train station for letting the woman and her family board the train after they delayed it.

Luo could reportedly be fined up to $307 for obstructing the operation of a train service.

Thumbnail/Banner: Pixabay, Buddhasmileagain

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