Woman's Gang Rape Live-streamed On Facebook

Three men sexually assaulted a woman in the Swedish city of Uppsala, which was broadcasted live in a private Facebook group.

Horrifically, a woman's rape in Uppsala, Sweden, was filmed over Facebook Live, the social network's streaming feature, on Jan. 22. Three men were arrested on suspicion of the assault, AOL reports. One of the rapists was charged in the past for drugs and assault. 

Authorities were alerted of the crime when Josefine Lundgren, 21, saw the disturbing video in a private group on the site. Apparently, the woman's clothes were removed by the three men against her will before she was raped. 

According to Swedish tabloid Expressen, one of the attackers was wielding a gun, and reportedly threatened the viewers and shouted, "Come here then!"

One man said, "You have been raped," then laughed and ended the broadcast. 

Lundgren said she observed more than 60 other people watching the rape (Facebook offers viewer count capabilities on its live-stream platform). Someone actually commented, "Three against one hahaha." (Are you trying not to throw up right now? Us, too.)

The apartment where the abuse occurred is currently zoned off for investigation. 

The stomach-turning incident is a reminder to us all that we can't sit idly by when we see something wrong even if it's not as blatantly obvious as a gang rape. 

Our sincere condolences to the victim, and may she receive the help needed to pull through the devastating trauma. On her behalf, consider donating to Amnesty International, a human rights organization dedicated to ending violence against women.

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