Woman Logs Into Facebook To Find Article Claiming She’s Dead

A woman was bombarded with calls from people making sure she was alive after a news story was published claiming she had died of a terminal illness.

A woman named Candice Haines, who is alive and well, was startled to discover a news story about her own death when she recently logged into Facebook.

Haines, 32, saw a photograph of herself used as the cover image for a story on the health website, Daily Records, about another woman who passed away.

The photo depicts Haines sitting on a couch posing with her four children.

The site mistook Haines for a woman named Michelle Ashby who passed away from Crohn’s disease last January, according to Vessel News.

"I've had to do Facebook and Twitter posts telling people not to panic and that I'm alive," Haines said.

While Haines, who resides in Birmingham, England, also has Crohn’s disease, she believes the mix-up occurred because she was in the news back in 2015 after having a life-saving bowel resection operation.

“I woke up last Tuesday to my dad calling me — people were ringing him thinking I’d died,” Haines reportedly said.

Of course, if she had been dead, she wouldn’t have been able to answer her dad’s calls.

“I’m more flabbergasted than anything else,” she said.

Although Haines has been a good sport about the whole thing and the Daily Records story has been updated to reflect the correct information, many who have seen her post about the error responded with sentiments of outrage that a media outlet would make such an egregious blunder.

This incident serves as a significant reminder about the importance of fact-checking

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