Woman Mysteriously Jumps Out Of Plane's Emergency Exit

It's unclear why an unidentified woman apparently opened the emergency exit of a United Airlines flight at the airport and jumped out, inconveniencing passengers and confusing police.

United Airlines passengers flying from New Orleans to Houston, Texas experienced a strange finale on their flight when a woman opened the emergency exit and jumped 15 feet out of the plane onto the airport tarmac.

KHOU reports that the woman on United Airlines flight 1892 opened an emergency hatch and just stepped out, falling into "an airport operating area" at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

A fellow passenger named Hampton Friedman described the incident, saying "I look over and sunlight, and I just see a figure essentially step out of it, and then I'm like 'What was that?'"

Another passenger, Cathy Cole, said, "...I've never experienced anything like this. I have no earthly idea why she would want to do that."

FBI agents boarded the plane as passengers were forced to wait for an hour for questioning and to make sure there was nothing suspicious on the aircraft. One passenger told KHOU they were worried the woman had left something behind to "hurt others," but no evidence of foul play was found.

The woman will not be charged for any crime, but has been taken for psychological evaluation and treatment of non-life threatening injuries

While the woman's actions seem like an inconsiderate and inconvenient departure from reality for her fellow passengers, at least she was not seriously hurt and is getting the care she needs.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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