Parallel Parking Fail Lands Classic Mercedes Atop $300,000 Ferrari

Instead of guiding her out of the tough spot, people present at the scene stood around and watched as more onlookers gathered around the luxury cars.

Anyone would love to own a luxury car, but how many of us actually know how to actually drive one?

A video clip captured outside Katie's Classic Cars and Coffee in Great Falls, Virginia, shows a woman’s pathetic attempt at parallel parking. The driver, who appears inexperienced, is seen reversing onto the hood of a $300,000 Ferrari 459 Speciale.

Spectators stood around the cars and watched as a male passenger from the Mercedes got out to inspect the damage before opening the driver’s side door.

An onlooker can be heard saying “That's a big, big problem over there,” as the Ferrari’s alarm rings profusely. More and more people gathered at the scene, pulling out their phones to get a video of the epic parking disaster.

The Mercedes driver tried accelerating a number of times to take her car off the Ferrari but failed over and over again.

The Ferrari ended up with a huge black scratch on its bumper.

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