Woman Pulls Out Machete On Husband In The Middle Of Street

A furious wife who caught her husband lazing around on the street following an all-night drinking session confronted him with a machete.

A wife upset at her husband after he reportedly spent all night out drinking pulled out a machete on him on a street in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The man's wife had reportedly been driving all around the city looking for him, eventually catching him the morning after at a food truck, hungover and eating breakfast.

It was at this moment she realized a machete would be the perfect way to frighten him into never binging, and giving her  a fright like this again.

She whacked him with the flat part of the blade repeatedly and ordered him into the front seat of her car, where onlookers heard him receive a severe ear bashing.

The clip went viral after a shocked commuter recorded it on their phone and posted it online this week.

''The woman was very, very angry," onlooker Jaraporn Chaiyasat said. "From what she said to him, it looked like he had been out all night partying without telling her."

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''She wasn't messing around. She told him to get in the car and get home. It's actually a bit scary that she was driving round with a knife then waving it in the street.''


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