Woman Who Pulled Over Speeding Cop Says Union Head Is Bullying Her

A Florida woman shows this cop he's not above the law.


The woman who reached viral fame for pulling over a cop for allegedly going over 90 mph is now alleging that she is being harassed by the head of a local police union.

Claudia Castillo claims that Sgt. Javier Ortiz, president of Miami’s Fraternal Order of Police, posted personal and private information online, including a citation she got for reckless driving two weeks ago.  

"Oh look, cop wannabe #claudiacastillo got cited for careless driving 2 weeks ago. Sounds like a #COPHater," Ortiz wrote in one post.

According to the Miami Herald, Ortiz even posted a picture of Castillo driving a boat while holding a beer, then posted her picture and business card while encouraging people to call her.

Castillo says that the post was eventually removed, but that hasn’t stopped people from calling her near-constantly.

"They say, 'Be careful what you do. You better watch your back. Be careful how you proceed. You better drive very carefully,'" she told the website Photography Is Not A Crime.

Ortiz, however, doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

"I simply 'shared' information posted by another poster," Ortiz told Miami New Times. "Ms. Castillo is all over the media voluntarily stating that no one is above the law. Clearly she has a double standard for herself."

Have you ever wished you could extract satisfying revenge on police who pull people over for speeding and issue them hefty tickets, all while knowing that police often put the pedal to the metal themselves? 

One woman in Florida is our hero for showing a police officer he has to answer to the law too. 

Claudia Castillo recently uploaded a clip on YouTube in which she can be seen trying to catch up to a Miami-Dade cop who was apparently driving way too fast for her liking.

Castillo soon reached the pace of the cop and pulled him over. The police officer, who thought the woman needed help, approached the car, only to find out he had landed himself in trouble.

"The reason I'm pulling you over today," Castillo began, sounding a bit like a police officer herself. "And I was still eating your dust. You were leaving me behind and I was going 80 miles per hour and I just wanted to know what's the emergency?"

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The officer, who now found himself in a rather unusual situation, said he didn’t realize that he was speeding, and was actually just making his way to work.

"I apologize and I'll be sure to slow down then," the officer said, offering his name and badge number.

Miami-Dade police director Juan Perez told the Miami Herald that authorities will look into the incident and take “appropriate action” soon.

It is pleasant to see the police officer acted professionally and took responsibility for his mistake. The incident just goes to show that when it comes to law enforcement and rules, everyone is equal, regardless of their status or position. 

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