Woman Gets More Than 30 Plastic Surgeries To Impress Boyfriend

The YouTube star got dozens of plastic surgeries to please her boyfriend, until she noticed she had gone too far. Now, she regrets how much she changed.



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Going under the knife is traumatizing, but to this YouTube star from Hong Kong, the experience was worth it, so long as she was impressing her boyfriend.

Now that he’s gone, however, she regrets changing her appearance to appease him.


I just want to make more people know that we are all good from we born !!!!!! I am telling you to “be your self “ “live a life you remember “ I am telling to everyone you are amazing then your imagine!!!!!! My experience is just a small example for our life experience, I willing to share my story but not willing to betray and un respect ? If you want to know my story I already post the original one on YouTube , there is fully explained why ,how , when , and change from my 17 -22 I am not a surgery monster and fever addicted on plastic surgery , and the days are not that long as you think ?? Surely I afraid of any bad comment because I am only a human and I can feel hurt and anger but compare with the insult I want to say that is far far far away to the painful when you’re lay on a ice metal bed ?? and wearing nothing as the same time the doctor using a pen and non stop marking on your body , how big insult it is and how plain when the surgery done ? Bad wording do not have much power to kill my will ??pls ask me directly if you are coming with truth or frustrated . I am here with you , my family and God , what a wonderful grace to me , thanks ???????????YouTube???????????? ??????????????????????????????????????? •???????????• ??????????PK???YouTube? ????????????17??????20????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????? ???????????????????

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Berry Ng, 22, went under the knife more than 30 times in a five-year period after her boyfriend started to criticize her looks. According to the YouTube star, he kept comparing her to supermodels, which made her feel she needed to change her appearance.

Within a few years, she had work done to her forehead, cheeks, chin, eyes, and nose. But still, he wasn’t impressed, so last year, she also augmented her breasts.


Thankfully, Ng said, she eventually realized that her obsession had gone too far when her mother saw her and immediately started to cry. That’s when she decided to dump her boyfriend and move on.

“At that moment, if he had stopped me and told me that I was beautiful enough, I would have stopped, but he didn’t,” she said.


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Unfortunately, she told reporters, she isn’t the only girl out there who suffers because their partner criticizes their looks. She now regrets having made so many changes to her appearance, saying she would much rather have her old face back.

Hopefully, her story will empower other girls suffering and help them snap out of their disillusioned state.

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