Woman Saves Her Date At The Cheesecake Factory

"He asked for a second date in the hospital," Hall said to People. "I was extremely honored. What means the most to me is that he works on his health ... now."

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A Missouri woman is responsible for having saved the life of a man at a Cheesecake Factory. That man was her first-time date.

The incident took place after a "wonderful meal and great conversation," according to People.

"They boxed our food and we continued to talk for 45 more minutes, chatting about family and friends," Janie Hall, a former respiratory therapist said.

The night took a dark turn, however, when her date, who prefers to remain anonymous, began coughing. Since they were no longer eating, Hall says she knew he wasn't choking.

"I turned my head to the side to give him some privacy and then the next thing I knew there were dishes falling onto my side of the booth," she said. 

The man stood up and then collapsed onto the restaurant floor.

"He had glazed-over eyes and blood was coming from his mouth," Hall said. "I checked and he had no heart rate so I began chest compressions and CPR." Hall continued compressions: "I checked for a pulse again and he had a weak pulse."

Eventually, medical personnel arrived, and the man survived. Later, Hall visited him in the hospital. 

"He looked amazing," Hall said. "And he remembered everything about our conversation at the restaurant. I told him, 'I never got to thank you for the meal,' and he said, 'Oh my god, you saved my life!'"

The cause of the incident is unknown to doctors, but the man is reportedly at home recovering. Hall and a waitress who assisted in the rescue, Becca Bartholemew, have set up a GoFundMe page to assist him in covering medical expenses.

Oh, and yes: The man landed a second date with Hall, who clearly has a lot to offer.

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