Woman Shocked To Find Mysterious $15M In Her Bank Account

An Indian woman stumbled upon a huge lump sum of money in her own bank account and has gone through several avenues to find out where it came from.

A working class woman was shocked to discover a large sum of money mysteriously appear in her bank account this week.

Sheetal Yadav of Uttar Pradesh, India, took a trip to a local ATM only to find that her account had Rs 1 billion in it, or $14.7 million in American dollars, Mashable reports.

Considering that Yadav makes only about $74 a month, she was completely stunned to see the amount and couldn’t believe her eyes. She reportedly asked someone near her to look over her ATM receipt to double check if she had read it correctly.

She even went to other ATMs nearby, expecting to be given a different figure, but the amount remained the same with each visit.

When she finally decided to go into the bank and speak with someone directly, she was initially turned away because the manager wasn’t available. Once she did meet with him, he refused to do anything about the perplexing situation.

With seemingly no other options to rectify the mistake, Yadav and her husband, Ziledar Singh, wrote to the prime minister’s office about the ordeal.

Although this may seem like Yadav’s lucky break, it could very well be the result of corruption.

Yadav’s account was established as part of the government’s Jan Dhan Yojana effort, which aims to get low income people to open bank accounts and have government subsidies transferred directly into them.

The government began the initiative in hopes of making sure subsidies go directly to real people instead of exchanging through the hands of multiple “middlemen.” However, there have been issues with corrupt bank officials laundering money into these special accounts following the country’s demonetization situation.

One thing is certain — Yadav should be applauded for her honesty because there are many people who would not go to such great lengths to report the mistake.

Most would likely take this as a prime opportunity to splurge and spend money they know doesn’t belong to them, especially if they are used to living a very modest lifestyle and can suddenly afford to live a luxurious one.

While there are people who believe they would make the same noble choice Yadav did if they found themselves in the same situation, there are probably just as many who would shamelessly admit to keeping the money. What would you do? 

Banner Photo Credit: Flickr, Pictures of Money 

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