Woman Sues Costco After Salad Costs Her $2 Million In Medical Bills

A Utah woman is suing Costco for a chicken salad that gave her E. coli and changed her life, causing millions of dollars in medical bills and ruining her career.

Two years ago, Chloe Rodgerson ate a Costco rotisserie chicken salad that her dad had brought home, according to Delish.

That salad changed her life — and now, Rodgerson is demanding reparations. 

Rodgerson was one of 19 people in seven states who were reported to be infected with E. coli by Costco's chicken salad, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. She was one of five people to be hospitalized by the outbreak.

The E. coli made her develop hemolytic uremic syndrome, which endangers the kidney and brain. She had her large intestine removed, a kidney transplant from her now-husband, and also underwent several surgeries and staph infections. 

She is now suing Costco for the $2 million she acquired in hospital bills, plus future hospital bills, as well as for permanently damaging her career.

As a singer and actress, Rodgerson was on her way to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, to be a Disney princess — but those plans halted because of her infection. 

"It's crazy to think I had such big goals like acting for film or Broadway when now my biggest goals are to make it through the month without getting admitted," she told Delish.

Since her traumatic experience, Rodgerson is still in and out of the hospital due to frequent seizures and a weak immune system. Lacking a large intestine has made it difficult for her kidneys to function properly. 

She most likely can't have children either.

Costco officials have yet to comment as of Monday. 

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