Police Interceded Twice Before A Woman And Her Son Were Murdered

Latina Verneta Herring, 35, was murdered by her boyfriend, Allen Dion Cashe, 31, in Sanford, Florida. Herring's 8-year-old son was also shot and killed.

A horrifying murder took place in Florida after an altercation at a gas station, and police intervened twice. 

Latina Verneta Herring, 35, and her 8-year-old son, Branden Christian, were shot and killed by Allen Dion Cashe, 31, after fighting about keys at the gas station at 3:20 a.m., USA Today reports. Officers responded to the incident. 

"Man, you got my keys," Herring said to Cashe, according to video footage.

"I'm not trying to play games," Cashe said to Herring. "You have an attitude coming home from the club drunk."

Responding a second time, 20 minutes later, police showed up at Herring's house. According to WESH-TV, police handcuffed Cashe and later released him after labeling the incident a "civil" dispute.

At 6 a.m., Cashe came back, barged into the home, and fired with his AK-47, the Orlando Sentinel reports

In addition to the murder of Herring and her son, Cashe also wounded Herring's younger son, 7-year-old Brendon, and Herring's father, 60-year-old Bertis Herring. The kids were sleeping on the couch when Cashe shot them, and Latina Herring was killed in her bedroom. 

Brendon is in stable condition, while Bertis remains in critical condition, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Cashe also shot two onlookers, who are in stable condition. 

Charged with first-degree murder, Cashe is held at the Seminole County Jail without bail. 

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