Woman Who Gave Birth On Plane Gave Her Son This Unusual Name

A mother who gave birth aboard an airplane decided to name her child after the air carrier in tribute to the airline's outstanding care.

A mother who gave birth on an airplane decided to give her baby an unusual name — Saw Jet Star, the name of the airline.

The woman was aboard JetStar Asia flight 3K583 traveling from Singapore to Yangon, Myanmar on April 22 when she went into labor.

Thanks to a resourceful team of doctors and flight crew, the baby was delivered safely after the plane landed in Yangon.

The healthy baby boy weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces and is notably the first baby to be born on this particular airline. The company was so thrilled that they are planning to donate nearly $744 worth of baby supplies.  And the new mother was so grateful for her care during the procedure, she decided to honor the air carrier in a rather unconventional way — naming her child Saw Jet Star after the airline.

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Banner image credit: Flickr user xlibber

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