Woman With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Reflects On A Kind Gesture

"That particular brand of kindness has ripple effects," the Love What Matters post reads. "Since her story went viral ... Jerina has received countless messages."

One deed completed in the spirit of generosity can change a life forever.

This is a transformation that Jerina, a woman with breast cancer, has lived after her diagnosis in June 2016. 

The touching story, in which a man named Fred whose wife died from cancer paid for Jerina's lunch at a Chinese restaurant, touched hearts everywhere on the Love What Matters Facebook page. 

The moving tale went viral, which sparked a chain reaction of positivity. Jerina is faced with stage 4 cancer, but she's maintaining a healthy attitude throughout the greatest tribulation of her life. 

Reflecting on the change affected, Jerina spoke with Love What Matters, and the afterthought is nothing short of beautiful.

The post describes how the simple act of generosity took off on the internet and rocked Jerina's world. 

Jerina was so touched by the small act of kindness that she snapped a picture and shared it on Facebook with a brief expression of gratitude. When Jerina submitted it to Love What Matters, It [sic] went viral immediately and spread across the world, reaching television talk shows, news outlets, cancer support groups. . .

And one anonymous man whose compassion once compelled him to action in a nondescript Chinese restaurant.

“We’ve since found each other,” Jerina says. “He saw the story and knew we were looking for him to thank him. He called the news station, and they gave him my contact information.”

According to the post, the two keep in touch over Facebook, and Fred communicates his support to Jerina regularly, before treatments and appointments. 

Jerina also receives an influx of positive notes from "countless" women with cancer, due to the viral nature of Fred's original act. 

The update reads:

[The women] ask for advice; they ask how to prepare for chemo; they ask for support.

“A lot of women don’t have what I have. They don’t have the kind of support I do,” Jerina says. “And because of this one small thing that a stranger did for a family, I’ve been given a chance to help them in what way that I can.”

Jerina's prognosis is unknown, but the expansive community propping her up appears to give her the armor she needs to continue to fight the hard fight.

Perhaps love, in its purest form, is a concatenation of events. 

Pass it on.

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