Woman's Racist Rant Against Filipino Neighbor Goes Viral

The garbage speech recorded and uploaded to YouTube by victim, Dexter Manawat, was full of racial epithets, swearing, and flagrant discrimination.

UPDATE: The victim of racial insults, Dexter Manawat, has since posted a public update to his Facebook page addressing reasons for taking down the video he captured, which featured his neighbor ranting. 

To all,
Today, I have decided to remove the infamous "rant" video from my page. When this video was put out, my intentions really was to reach out to my neighbor and protect my family. As absurd as that sounds, it was hard to approach her even though she lived right across from me. I wanted to reach out to her and thru all her hatred, to tell her that how she berates me, my family, and my culture is not right. I had to protect my family, because we all know how evil and hate can overpower a person. Put those 2 together, I worried for the safeness of my family. So, the video was put out and now what I was hoping for has happened. It has reached her. She is now aware of her wrong doings.

So now, I am removing it from my page. This decision was made as a human being. As much as many say she deserves this, I don't believe violence or physical harm is the answer. I say that because there were a lot of people actively looking for her. Instead of looking for her, we need to pray for her. Pray that God softens her heart.

This decision was also made for my family. This is not what we want to be known for. I have kids to raise and this is not the environment I want them to grow up in.

Although I am removing my post from my page, I am not turning my back towards this issue. I am sure this video will still be out there. I will still stand up for the opressed community. No matter what race, religion, or sexuality. Let peace conquer all.

Home: The one place to get away from an otherwise perilous, negligent, unsafe, and ignorant outside world. Sadly, one Filipino-American couldn't escape the blatant intolerance — even at his residence in Las Vegas.  

A short clip of a woman unleashing a racist rant on her neighbor, Dexter Manawat, is circulating the internet. 

The video begins with a woman sweeping leaves in a cul-de-sac — according to the video's caption, the leaves are what brought about the tirade in the first place. 

"We don't want you here," the woman says after calling the man an "orange motherf****r." 

"I heard what you said," Manawat says. "And where did that come from?"

"From some piece of sh*t, Manila a**, f***ing ghetto, living under a f***ing tarp piece of sh*t land," she says. 

"Awesome," Manawat says, keeping his cool.

The woman then yells about Manawat's "trashy people" populating the world, calling his race "stupid," and comparing them to "orange savages."

She also ranted about the women working in bars and "sucking up our resources." 

In total, the disturbing speech is egregiously nonsensical, but Manawat never shouts or insults in response. 

According to local station KTNV, the woman has since apologized, saying she "wasn't raised that way."

But it sure is fishy the apology came AFTER she was caught on camera.

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