Woman's Apartment Totally Trashed After Airbnb Guest Throws Huge Party

This woman came home to more than 100 people and a mass orgy in her one-bedroom apartment.

Christina McQuillan rented her apartment out on Airbnb for New Year’s Eve only to find it had been totally trashed by her “guest” who threw a huge rager with more than 100 people in attendance.

Mcquillan and her partner returned while the bash  complete with sex and drugs  was still underway. She claims she was punched in the stomach when she tried to break it up.

"When we got there the doors were wide open," she reportedly told the Mirror. "There was loud music and everyone was smoking drugs." (By “smoking drugs," she means marijuana)

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McQuillan was enjoying plans of her own until her neighbors called and told her what was going on at her place.

Some of the damage included ripped up and scratched flooring, scattered bottles and ashes, chairs overturned and a TV had been torn off the wall, according to McQuillan.

She also said there was a couple in her bedroom having sex as a crowd of other party-goers watched. Her boyfriend had to turn off the power just to get people out.

The woman who rented the apartment originally claimed she just wanted a place to crash for the night but it turns out her intentions were bad from the start as she used a fake identity when creating her Airbnb account.

Police were called after McQuillan was assaulted and they helped with getting everyone out upon arrival, but no one was arrested.

An Airbnb spokesperson reportedly said they have offered to pay for damages and have “zero tolerance” for the behavior that the reckless tenant exhibited. Her profile has also been removed from the site.

You could criticize McQuillan and say she shouldn't have allowed a stranger into her home but Airbnb is on the rise as a popular, trustworthy alternative to booking expensive hotels.

Not to mention, who doesn't like the idea of making a little extra money to pay some bills? Life is expensive! 

Although McQuillan said she will never use Airbnb again, this incident should serve as a learning experience to renters and tenants to BE CAREFUL.

Do a little Facebook-stalkingto see who you're dealing with before you open up your home (If you're a renter) or shell out your cash (If you're a tenant). 

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