Woman's Epic Twitter Rant Annihilates President-Elect Donald Trump

A woman went on a Twitter tirade in response to Donald Trump’s critique of an SNL sketch, calling him out for his lies and overall divisive rhetoric.

President-elect Donald Trump has a knack for angering thousands of people with one stroke of his Twitter app.

His Twitter addiction was once again at the forefront, as he took to the social media platform to denounce — for a third time — Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of him in a sketch on "Saturday Night Live," which ironically mocked his Twitter habits.

Although this is nothing new, what’s different now is that Trump is only weeks away from being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

You’d think that a man about to assume the role of the leader of the free world would have more pressing issues to tackle. He has yet to announce his secretary of state, which is one among over 4,000 administration positions that he must fill within the coming weeks.

Many people were understandably alarmed that Trump considers a comedy sketch important enough to call out publicly during the transition process.  

But for one woman, he’d crossed one line too many, and she let him have it in the tweetstorm of the year, firing off a string of more than 30 tweets excoriating the president-elect in response to his SNL critique.

Muscato’s Twitter bio describes her as an atheist, civil rights activist, musician, and trans woman.

She also asked her fellow citizens to call out Trump’s lies and encouraged them to stand against racism, bigotry, homophobia, and hate crimes that have spiked since the election.

Muscato has become an internet celebrity of sorts, and she’s gained thousands of followers following her epic twitterburst.

Banner Photo: Reuters

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