Men Respond To The #MeToo Campaign With #HowIWillChange

“After yesterday’s endless #MeToo stories of women being abused, assaulted and harassed, today we say #HowIWillChange.”

Tens of thousdands women and even some men revealed their sexual encounters and ordeals with the #MeToo campaign that started to create awareness about sexual assault epidemics. The campaign, which took off after a tweet by actress Alyssa Milano, revealed stories of incredibly brave women, who came forward to share their horrific experiences.


In response to the campaign, men have come up with a creative online campaign, #HowIWillChange, which encourages men to address the subject of sexual violence.

Australian journalist Benjamin Law initiated the hash tag.


Law started off with his own plans on Twitter. He pledged to donate to a women’s shelter and not allow anyone sexually assault a woman in front of him.




Soon, men from all over the globe started to participate in the campaign aimed at men playing a part to protect women from being assaulted.

















Actor Mark Ruffalo also tweeted his support as he vowed to stop catcalling women.


He explained how he learned from the movies that “a cat call was a compliment.”

“I would do it to friends and girlfriends,” he bravely admitted.  “Sunrise (his wife) clued me in that it was totally inappropriate. Not cool. Not a compliment. Gross. #HowIWillChange.”

But many misunderstood the campaign. They jumped on the “not all men” bandwagon.





This is how people responded to clarify their misconception.




Milano also voiced support for Law’s message.


While it is great to see such online trends raising awareness about sexual violence, it is pertinent that this subject shouldn’t just be used to stay relevant online, but should also be implemented practically.

Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Asmaa Waguih

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