Watch How Women In India Jump Onto A Moving Train During Rush Hour

While hundreds of people waiting for the train push and shove one another out of the way, only a few manage to get on board.

Millions of citizens in Mumbai rely on their city's trains to commute, but India, being a developing country, struggles to meet the infrastructure a large population would demand.

A video making rounds on the internet shows the difficulties people face when trying to board a train in the city. The clip shows a train driving through a railway station, as hundreds of women standing on the platform struggle to get on.

While some of them flung themselves into the carriages, others literally hopped onto the moving vehicle as they pushed those in front of them out of the way.

A number of passengers even fell down into the gap between the train and the platform in the struggle to get on board.

Unfortunately, even those who manage to push their way through and get onto the train often don’t get seats and have to stand all the way to their destination. Numerous accidents take place during rush hour when thousands of commuters trying to use the railway system shove one another around.

Although some female police have been deployed at a few stations to take control of the situation, most parts of the rail system remain as poor as in the video. Hopefully, authorities will work toward the improvement of the transport facility in the near future.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Navesh Chitrakar  

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