‘Aquatic’ Band Performs Concert In Water Tanks – Without Air Apparatus

It’s simply fascinating that no breathing apparatus is used during the mesmerizing performance. Instead, the band members take air breaks.

A five-member Danish band is making waves for making music with custom-made instruments, while fully submerged in glass water tanks.

Known as Between Music, the group performed at a three-day, sold out premier show, “AquaSonic,” in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The most incredible thing about their performances is that they do not use any breathing apparatus. Instead, they come up to take air breaks during their songs.

Lead singer and composer Laila Skovmand employs an amazing technique while performing where she sings without letting air bubbles leave her mouth.

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“This idea started about 10 years ago when Laila Skovmand, the composer, started to explore how to sing in a bowl of water, to see what the water surface does to her voice and then a couple of years later she tried actually singing totally submerged in a big tank and that was the start of it,” band member Robert Karlsson told RT in an interview. “When you are a singer they need to develop a special voice technic, they sing without bubbles coming out of their mouth.”

Fortunately, for their budding fans outside of Europe, the band is mulling the possibility of a world tour.

“We are exploring an extensive international tour and we will keep all of you informed about dates and venues as soon as we know more!” they wrote on their official Facebook page.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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