Restaurant Offers Lifetime Of Free Food For Cubs World Series Tickets

An Illinois cheesesteak shop has announced an outrageous offer to exchange a lifetime supply of sandwiches for a pair of coveted World Series tickets.

The Chicago Cubs making it to the World Series is a huge deal — scratch that, a monumental deal.

The professional baseball team has not played in a World Series championship since 1945.

After decades of disappointment, they are finally heading back to the championship after taking out the Los Angeles Dodgers in a 4-2 playoff series.

Although the Cubs played in the World Series in 1945, they haven’t actually won a title since 1908, making this year’s matchup even more of a rare phenomenon to behold.

As a result, Cubs fans are going to extraordinary lengths to get their hands on tickets for games three, four, and five, which are set to take place at Chicago’s very own Wrigley Field.

The owners of Baby’s Cheesesteak restaurant in Orland Park, Illinois may have made the most outrageous offer thus far by guaranteeing a lifetime of free sandwiches in exchange for a pair of tickets.

That’s right; the restaurant is prepared to give two cheesesteaks per day for life to whoever has an extra pair of lower level Cubs seats to one of these highly anticipated World Series games.

While this may seem pretty extreme, tickets are currently selling for thousands of dollars a pop. According to Fox Sports, box seats on StubHub are going for $50,000 and above, with at least one person asking for $100,000.

Tickets just to get inside of the park and stand behind people with actual seats were reportedly going for nearly $3,000 each.

In essence, the cost of a pair of these coveted tickets is at least equal to — possibly greater than — a lifetime supply of cheesesteak sandwiches.

Keep in mind, the last time the Cubs were in the World Series tickets in the upper grandstand were going for just $6.00, according to Fox Sports, which puts some perspective on why fans are going crazy for these tickets now. This could very well be a once in a lifetime experience for many Chicagoans.

Baby’s Cheesesteak announced their offer in a Facebook post which has been shared more than 50 times, but many commenters suggest that the restaurant needs to sweeten the deal for it to be worthwhile.

Despite many people criticizing the offer, someone may just be hungryenough to take the bait. 

Banner Photo Credit: Facebook, Baby's Cheesesteak

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