Yale Students Hit Back At Trump's Border Wall With A Defiant Message

"We won't build your wall," the Yale University School of Architecture displayed on huge windows overlooking campus.

With President Donald Trump taking further executive action to build the dreaded wall across the Mexican-American border, protesters are beginning to rally and speak out.

At Yale University, specifically, students are displaying an anti-Trump message on campus.

Most impressively, the words are written on huge windows at the school of architecture. 

The picture was posted to Reddit by user simfire

Yale School of Architecture with a message for Trump from pics

Naturally, Reddit had a lot to say. User Vgatv wrote,

"The wall is such a stupid idea. Let's see, 30-40 billion in just raw material, no estimate on buying the land necessary to build it on, nor the infrastructure that would have to be built just to get the materials out to the middle of nowhere. Then you have labor costs as well as billions in yearly upkeep. And it doesn't even address the problem since the majority of people who are in this country illegally are people who overstayed their visas."

Well said.  

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr, Addy Cameron-Huff

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