9-Year-Old Boy Generously Pays for Hurricane Irma Evacuee's Lunch

When the little boy saw that the license plate of the car ahead of him in a drive-thru was from Florida, he felt compelled to buy the stranger lunch.

We’ve seen such a tremendous outpouring of support to victims in both the states of Texas and Florida as a result of devastating hurricanes, and the generosity still hasn't stopped.

This time the compassion came from a 9-year-old boy who wanted to help out a hurricane evacuee he encountered. His simple act of kindness has gone viral, and reminds us all that even doing the littlest things can still make a huge difference. 

When Landon Routzong was in a drive-thru at a Chick-fil-A near his home in Alabama with his mother, he noticed that the car in front of them had a Florida license plate.  Landon had a gut feeling that the person inside had bolted out of Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma, and he wanted to do something to help.

In an interview with ABC News Landon said, "I didn't want them to waste their money on food because they're trying to escape the hurricane. I felt like I should help out."

Landon’s mom told him that they could definitely help out the man and pay for his food. "Here's my debit card. Run!" Tara Routzong told her son. He dashed up to the window to pay for the food, and the man happily agreed.

After Landon and his mother received their food the man from Florida pulled up and talked to them for awhile.  They learned that he was indeed an evacuee, and was headed to Birmingham from Miami to stay with family.

“I told him we hoped he returned to his house untouched and that we’d keep him in our thoughts,"Tara wrote in her Facebook post. “Landon and I both had tears in our eyes from how appreciative he was.”

She also noted how proud she was of her son’s kind instincts, writing, " I often feel like I’m failing because I can’t do it all, all the time and then things like this happen and remind me that I don’t have to. My most important job is going just fine.”

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Jimmy Snell

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