Yelpers Review Wildlife Refuge's New Species, 'Oregon Militia'

People are trolling the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge's Yelp page with hilarious reviews of the newly discovered mammals, "Oregon Militia."

The Internet has already heavily criticized and trolled the armed “Oregon Militiamen” and their ridiculous protest efforts, but now the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge where they have set up shop is getting trolled on Yelp.

Yelpers have flooded the refuge’s page with satirical reviews about the gun-wielding “Neanderthals” that can be spotted on site at the sanctuary.

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wildlife refuge, Oregon Militia

The postings are very thorough and quite hilarious, but Yelp isn’t too thrilled about people jeopardizing the integrity of the site with their jokes and the media coverage associated with it.

They’ve placed this message as a warning that your post could be removed as a part of their “clean-up” process to remove reviews that “appear to be motivated more by the news coverage than the reviewer’s personal consumer experience.”

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Despite Yelps "threat" to remove your post if it seems to be media motivated, there are plenty that remain visible which describe the militiamen as every insult in the book including inbreds, critters, nuts and the best of all .... "Single Brain Celled Hillbilly GunHumper and the Steen Mountain BundyApe."

Although these stunts just give the group more undeserving publicity, it really puts into perspective how big of a joke their efforts have become and the lack of public support they've gained. 

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Malheur National Refuge's review

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge's Yelp review

Malheur National Refuge's Yelp page

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge's Yelp page

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