Yemeni Bodegas Shut Down In New York City Over Trump's Travel Ban

"In tears at the amazing turn out for #BodegaStrike by Yemenis and it's only 3pm," one Twitter user posted today in light of Trump's immigration ban.

An influx of protesters are flooding the streets of New York City after Yemeni-owned businesses — specifically bodegas — were shut down following President Donald Trump's ban last week. Yemen is one of the countries restricted. 

"We're going to go out and support all our brothers and sisters who are detained in airports and in other countries that can't get back," Sulaiman Alaodyi, 24, said to Reuters. Alaodyi is a cashier at Best and Tasty deli in the Bronx. "This is just not fair. We want to send the message that we're here."

Altogether, more than 1,000 businesses in New York City closed their doors to rally for a number of hours today. 

The protesters engaged in Muslim prayer right on the streets.

The hashtag #BodegaStrike is circulating Twitter.

Twitter is rallying behind the protestors, with many moved to tears by the photos. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr, Guian Bolisay

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