You Can Rent ‘Fake Parents’ If You’re Too Ashamed Of Your Own

If you have a situation that involves parents, but you don't want to actually ask your own, there is a service that allows you to rent stand-ins.

Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, some new bizarre trend breaks into the spotlight, reminding all of us that anything is possible.

In China, people can now rent stand-in parents to deal with teachers and meet love interests. According to The Telegraph, these fake parents are available for situations in which social catastrophes or awkwardness may occur.

“Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who wants to meet your parents but you actually don’t want them to meet,” one ad for the service asks. It reportedly costs about 50 yuan, or $7.55, per hour to rent these stand-in parents.

"I study psychology," one fake dad reportedly told The Global Times. “No matter how nasty your teacher gets, I won't get angry.”

Apparently, human renting apps are quite common in China. According to The Telegraph, significant others are often rented around the holidays and New Year to avoid questions from family members about relationship status.

Bridesmaids are also rented for certain weddings in which the climate calls for professionals who can handle rambunctious guests. There’s even a growing trend of people offering themselves up to be rented as friends

This movement is both strange and incredibly brilliant. 

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