Tiny Trump Meme Shrinks The President Down To A More Fitting Size

A number of Reddit users photoshopped President Donald Trump's body to appear extra small — congruous with the way in which he exercises policy.

There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it: President Donald Trump has a small mind.

From his childish fabrications to racial and religious intolerance and utter ignorance toward common and decent human treatment, in general, this fact is incontestable (and not alternative).

What if he had a small body to match? 

A plethora of creative Reddit users must've asked themselves this same question, and they answered with art — beautiful, incredible, revolutionary art. 

We can all thank Mashable for shedding light on the best subreddit thread in cyberspace, currently. It's aptly titled r/Tiny Trumps, and it's exactly what you think it is.

Check out some of our favorite images ahead, which depict the leader of the free world the way we already view him.

Here's Trump likely signing on one of his detrimental executive orders.

Signing off a small measure. from TinyTrumps

Here he is meeting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

TinyTrump welcoming Mr Canada from TinyTrumps

Taking a stroll with Ivanka.  

POTUS on a stroll with his daughter from TinyTrumps

Having a chat with Anderson Cooper. 

Tiny Trump on Anderson Cooper from TinyTrumps

Indulging in a round of mini golf.  

It's a good day for mini golf from TinyTrumps

 And the best one of all — playing with Barack Obama.

Are they being mean to you, baby? I know. from TinyTrumps

The internet, it seems, is both a terrible and wonderful place. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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