Hidden Camera Reveals The Shocking Thing Kids Did After Finding A Gun

In an experiment carried out by Fox 49, a hidden camera captures exactly what kids would do if they found a gun near their toy box--and it will leave you speechless.

With so many children accidentally shooting themselves or other people with guns they find in their homes, it’s no wonder there is a heated debate on gun control and gun laws. Some people argue that there is no reason for a gun to be in a house where there are small children that could find—and use—the deadly weapons. Others, however, believe that their children should be exposed to guns and gun safety early in life to create a safer environment.

However, with all the accidental deaths that continue to make headlines, Fox 46 of Charlotte, North Carolina decided to put it to the test.

As part of an experiment for a two-part series set to air this week, Fox 46 secretly videotaped what children did when they found a realistic-looking fake gun near their toys while their parents and the news team watched the feed intently from a nearby room.

According to Mediaite, local parents as well as Carolina Panthers player Thomas Davis and his wife Kelly, and even Fox 46’s assistant news director, Ned Hibberd, participated in the experiment.

While some parents believed that their children knew enough gun safety to know better than to point a gun at someone, others simply weren’t sure what their kids would do.

The results were shocking.

After one minute, the gun is found. Three and a half minutes later, the kids attempt to pull the trigger after pointing it at someone. 12 minutes later, they finally get bored of the weapon and stop playing with it altogether.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of these results.

Banner Image Credit: Facebook via Adryenn Ashley

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