You Won't Believe Where This 50-Year-Old Love Note Was Hiding

A 92-year-old widower received a very heartwarming surprise when a young woman uncovered a love note hidden by his late wife more than five decades ago.


Pretty sure this is the coolest thing that has happened through social media in blezard Valley

Posted by Rebecca Churá? on  Friday, March 25, 2016

Grab the tissues and prepare for all of the feels!

Widower Roy Langdon, 92, was recently surprised with an unconventional “love note” left by his late wife back in 1965.

Langdon’s wife, Germaine, carved a sweet message to her husband into the drywall of their home more than five decades ago, just before it was covered with paneling.

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As the years went by, the Langdons eventually moved out of the house and Rebecca Churán moved in, according to Mashable.

Churán was working on some renovations to the house when she unknowingly unearthed the note carved into the wall.

"When I tore down the paneling in my living room, it revealed drywall," she wrote on Facebook. "I was exited [sic] because that meant I did not need to drywall haha."

Churán’s friend actually noticed the words written in the wall while sitting underneath it.

The simple yet heartwarming message reads: “Germaine loves Roy March 17th, 1965.”

Churán posted a photo of the drywall on a community Facebook page in hopes of finding the Langdons or someone close to them. Word got around to their daughter, Claudette, who contacted Churán and informed her that her mother had passed away nearly a decade ago, but Roy was alive and well and would be thrilled to get the message.

Churán had the chunk of drywall removed and surprised Roy at his family’s Easter celebration — giving him a beautiful surprise of a lifetime.

"The love I could feel he had for his past wife was almost too hard to take," Churán wrote.

It must be true what they say, eternal love is very real. Roy now has one more memory to cherish of his beloved Germaine. 

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Banner Photo Credit: Facebook/Rebecca Churan

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