Crocodile Interrupts Couple’s Late Night Swim In A Hotel Pool

The man was immediately able to get out of the pool when the crocodile attacked, leaving the woman to fend for herself in the water.

A couple got the shock of their lives when a crocodile ruined their late night swim in a hotel pool.

CCTV footage posted on YouTube showed a 6-foot crocodile crawl out of nowhere. It then crept toward the pool where a young couple was relaxing.

In a horrifying moment, the huge reptile attacks on the guests. The man was able to throw it off and clamber out of the swimming pool, but the young woman was left alone in the water with the vicious predator.

The crocodile followed the woman as she thrashed in the water and reached toward the other side of the pool. Thankfully, her partner was quickly able to come to her rescue and help her out of the pool, before the reptile had a chance to take a bite out of her leg.

The animal, sensing his prey was beyond its reach now, calmly drew back and started having a leisurely swim in the water. The woman quickly walked off leaving the man behind in the swimming area.

The publisher of the video claimed the incident happened in Zimbabwe and because of the current drought in the country, animals that live in water — like this crocodile — are venturing outside into human habitats in search of food and water.

Viewers are now calling out the man for not immediately coming for the woman’s aid.

“S***! if it was my girl that croc be jumping at i would be jumping in there to kill it that's how we do it here in the U.S that was so weak s*** right their from that dude,” said a commenter on YouTube.

“This may be standard male behavior in Zimbabwe, but an American would have killed it with his bare hands and made into a Hermes bag for his girl,” another said.

“Just because it's Zimbabwe it doesn't mean there are only Zimbabweans there, the country still gets tourists,” a user said in reply. “I am Zimbabwean and am disgusted at the p****, but yeah, my point is there are a******* everywhere - Zim included. I however wouldn't be surprised if the a****** is from Harare!?”

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