Crying Northwestern Kid Becomes Instant Meme Sensation

If your March Madness bracket went bust and you didn’t react as passionately as this Northwestern kid, you aren’t a true fan.

March Madness is brutal. It breaks people emotionally — longtime fans and young kids alike.

So, if your March Madness bracket went up in flames and you didn’t feel as passionately as the child in the video above, you aren’t a true fan.

A showdown between the Northwestern University Wildcats and Gonzaga University Bulldogs had fans up in arms when a botched call stopped Northwestern's scoring streak. The Wildcats were on a scoring tear when when Gonzaga University’s defender Zach Collins blocked a dunk.

The video replay makes it really clear that Collins reached to stop the dunk through the net, but sadly, wasn’t treated as a technical foul. This obviously made every Northwestern fan extremely emotional; even the head coach was seen trying to convey his point.

But the refs didn't listen and Gonzaga went on to win the game and advance in the NCAA tournament.

A young passionate fan just couldn’t handle the decision against his team and broke in to tears. Everyone felt for him — and then turned him into a meme.


















However, what the keyboard warriors on Twitter didn’t know was that the Northwestern kid is actually the son of the athletic director at the university. Naturally, the 11-year-old had to feel for the team his dad nurtured.



NCAA officials later admitted they made a mistake by missing the rules violation and made the wrong call. The road for the purple shirts has, however, now ended. 

"It's been an obviously crazy week. We fell a little short today, but it's been an amazing ride," said Northwestern senior forward Sanjay Lumpkin.

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