Turns Out, Logan Paul Did Several Other Offensive Things In Japan

Logan Paul called Tokyo a “real life cartoon,” smashed Game Boys in a store and roamed the streets wearing a traditional Japanese rice hat and scaring people with raw fish.


YouTube celebrity Logan Paul received heavy backlash for his infamous “dead body” video, in which he filmed an apparent suicide victim in Japan and uploaded the clip on the internet.

Turns out, that is not the only offensive thing he did in Japan.

Just days after the incident, another compilation of videos was released by a YouTuber news website, We The Unicorns, which showed Paul disrespecting the Japanese culture several times.

At the beginning of the video, the 22-year-old said, “I just gotta be careful to not, like, disrespect the culture.”

However, he went ahead and did the exact opposite by performing several acts that are considered disrespectful in the Japanese culture.

At first, he could be seen roaming around on the street donning a traditional Japanese rice hat and robe and scaring people with raw fish. He also called Tokyo a “real life cartoon” and smashed Game Boys in a store.

In a clip that followed, Paul emerged in a Pokémon costume on the streets of Tokyo, threw balls at people — particularly policemen — and yelled, “I choose you.”

The video is yet another example of how little Paul thinks of Japan, and the video itself is racially insensitive, to say the least. In fact, it appeared to be a prime example of white privilege.

“It’s definitely alarming in the worst of ways, and after watching some clips of Logan Paul’s other blogs in Japan ... there’s a sliver of what I used to experience of how people used to talk down to me because I was foreign,” said Japanese YouTuber Reina Scully.

This is not the first time Paul’s racist mindset has been brought into light, as actor Jimmy Wong tweeted a series of screenshots of Paul’s racist messages toward Asians.

Paul initially came under fire for when he posted a video titled, “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest…” that showed him and his entourage coming across a dead body in Aokigahara, also known as “suicide forest,” on Mt. Fuji in Japan.

The disturbing vlog was a part of the YouTuber’s latest series about his adventures in the East Asian country.

It is shameful for Paul to disrespect a culture that is based on respect. In Japan, showing respect is part of every interaction you have and by filming such an insensitive video, which millions of tender minds have access to, will shape things differently for them.

Since most of his fans are either teenagers or even younger, his videos are only teaching them to be racist.

Meanwhile, some 200,000 people have signed an online petition calling for YouTube to delete Paul’s channel, which has amassed over 15 million followers.

"Logan Paul has gotten away with a lot of stuff. He took it way to [sic] far this time," reads the Change.org petition, which was started by someone in Columbus, Ohio. "It's not about YOU, Logan Paul. A man who had family and friends chose to end his life, and you chose to share his death to your millions of followers without thinking about how his family/friends felt? It's disgusting and shouldn't be tolerated.”

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