Why You Should Never Drive A Ferrari With Its Hood Open - Ever

Not everyone can own or drive a Ferrari, and this YouTuber proves that even loaning one from a friend can land you in deep trouble.

Owning a Ferrari is of course one heck of an expense and risk, since even the slightest damage to the car can cost thousands of dollars.

However, what is even worse is when one borrows the posh Italian supercar but forgets to close the hood.

A YouTuber known as Marchettino borrowed his friend's Ferrari 458 Speciale and took it for a drive, but one small mistake ended with the windshield ruined.

“My camera was still running the moment I broke my (sic) mistake my friend R3 Wheels' Ferrari 458 Speciale. An erroneous closing of front bonnet has caused its sudden opening as I took off with the result of smashing the windshield,” said Marchettino, who filmed the drive and the incident.

Can you imagine having to go back to your friend and admit you broke his precious Ferrari?

Fortunately, Marchettino’s friend didn’t seem bothered at all, and responded with “s*** happens, it’s only a car.” As a bunch of people inspected the car and tied up the hood to keep it from popping up again, Marchettino said that insurance would cover the expenses.

He must really thank his lucky stars for the fact that the car was insured.

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