Dedicated YouTuber Records 8 Years Of His Life In Selfies

A young man has taken his love for himself and pictures and turned it into a lifelong project, ensuring he has a photo to remember each day.

Numerous cases of youngsters going to extreme lengths to get an amazing picture have come into the spotlight because some of them also lost their lives in the bargain. Yet, they don’t seem to be giving up, and improved technological devices are being developed for the purpose, starting off with the selfie stick, and now the selfie drone.

However, one young man took his love for photos to a whole new level. The project that started off eight years ago still hasn’t come to an end. “See y'all at the 10 year mark. This is an on-going project! I will never stop taking pics. Ever,” says Hugo Cornellier.

The video takes viewers through Cornellier’s life as he develops into a grown man from a 12-year-old boy. It goes from his face being hairless to him having a fully grown beard. His pictures track his life and include his first day at college, prom, his first girlfriend and other important life events. His dedication to recording his life via pictures is remarkable though and he plans to forge on with the project.

Cornellier’s video has gained immense popularity on social media as it has 957,017 views on YouTube and has been talked about by various news websites. Understandably, he is very excited:



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