Zebra + Donkey = Zonkey! Adorable New Hybrid Baby Animal Pictures

A Mommy-donkey, and Daddy-zebra gave birth to Ippo, Italy’s first and only zebra-donkey-hybrid zonkey.

zonkey, hyrbid animal

Move over ligers, wholphins, and beefalos, there’s a new adorable hybrid animal baby in town. While the free world was busy fawing over the Royal Baby, the real biggest news in birth was happening at a zoo in Florence Italy. It was there that a Mommy-donkey, and Daddy-zebra gave birth to Ippo, perhaps the world’s first and only Zonkey. A clear picture of the Zonkey and his mom exists here.

Say it with me – ZONKEY ZONKEY ZONKEY!

The little guy is healthy, a precious rarity for most hybrid animals. Like all hybrids animals, Zonkey Ippo is sterile because Darwin worked too hard on the theory of evolution to let some sexually-deviant farm animals screw it all up.

Ippo obviously got his mother’s facial features, and his father’s legs. Honestly, Ippo looks like something I could have put together in Microsoft Paint in about five minutes.

The question I have for the world’s Zonkey authorities is simple, “Can I ride a Zonkey like a horse?” I know donkeys can carry people, but donkeys are super lame. As a young boy, I always wanted to ride a zebra, but apparently they don’t like when you try that. I think little Zonkey Ibba here is my true chance to live out my boyhood dream.

Carbonated.TV will update you as new details emerge regarding one man’s heroic struggle to follow his dreams.

Banner / Thumbnail : Wikimedia Commons

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