Zulily Rejects Winter Coat Return But For A Good Reason

While many companies have a no refund, no exchange policy, one retailer has adopted a rather unique way of pleasing its customers with product-related issues.

Facebook user Kelly Blue Kinkel was pleasantly surprised with her shopping experience at online retailer Zulily, all of it stemming from Zulily's refusal to accept a coat she wanted to return.

I sincerely hope this post goes viral, because I just hung up from one of the best customer service experiences of my...

Posted by Kelly Blue Kinkel on  Monday, 4 January 2016


The Texas woman had apparently ordered a winter coat from the discount online retailer. However, once it got delivered, she realized that her dogs hair was likely to get stuck on the material, making it impossible for her to wear.

Although she was aware that the company has a no return policy, the woman called customer service and spoke to them about the issue.

"I spoke with a sweet young man named Patrick, and he let me know he would refund my money," Kinkel wrote In her Facebook post.

However, she was rather surprised when the man on the line not only told her that she could have her money refunded, but also asked her to not return the coat to the store.

"Please don't send it back,” the man told Kinkel. “If you know someone who needs a winter coat or if you would like to donate it to a charity, that would make us very happy." 

The shopper’s post immediately gained popularity on the Internet, and Kinkel went on to donate the coat along with some other clothes to a charity.

The gesture on the company’s part is one that should be adopted by a larger number of retailers. Although some companies tell people to give away products they want to return, to a charity in order to minimize return costs, nonetheless, this method leaves the customer satisfied, helps others in need, and also increases goodwill for the business itself.

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